Touring the Portland–Vancouver Area

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Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.


When you’ve lived in a place for a while you don’t know where the tourist attractions are.  Well, you know where some of them are but not the ones the Chamber of Commerce or Visitor’s _falls4Center think one should necessarily visit. After all, you live there.  You aren’t just visiting.  You certainly don’t really know what other folks will want to see when they visit either.  Such has been the case with visitors in the Portland area.
We lived in this area for many, many years but that was also many years ago.  Now we hang around because of family only during the summer time.  When we have visitors show up I know a few places I like to go but it isn’t always places they’ve heard about.  Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t.  When Terry’s brother visited years ago we learned about places we never knew about.  One such place was the Grotto — amazing.
Inside the Vista House
Vista House
The places I suggest now don’t necessarily include that but always include Powell’s Book Store, the waterfront and Old Town plus areas around Portland and not necessarily in the center of the _falls5town.  Of course, weather around here dictates what’s fun to see and what isn’t.  Blue skies can make a dreary tour into a pleasant one.  We have played tour guide to this area numerous times even chartering a bus once for a group.  On this day the weather was the best ever.
My point?  We have visitors….