Stepping back in time…

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New to Yuma? Passing through for a few days? On your way to another southwestern city or town as you escape the increment weather (read freezing cold and/or snow) of your hometown? Been here before but haven’t yet fully explored the surrounding areas? Bored? Looking for something interesting to do in other than watch broccoli grow? Interested in local/state history? Old cars and farm equipment?  

Just outside Yuma about 10 miles, in the midst of broccoli, lettuce and cabbage fields is a unique collection of autos, farm machinery and a small assortment of earlier transportation methods. Plus a whole slew of old radiators, hubcaps, car parts and old glass jars and the odd bicycle or sleigh.

 Welcome to the Cloud Museum -10 miles north of Winterhaven (Exit 172 on I-8).  “ situated on over 2 acres, affords visitors a unique opportunity to tun back the clock and view real American that includes over 120 Model T’s and Model A’s…”

Admission is a $5/pp, it’s open 7 days a week and if you call in advance you can have Johnny Cloud, Owner, provide you with a guided tour. Jack and Jill, friendly Border (mix) Collies were never far behind him, while looking for a head scratch from visitors too.