Ship Harbor and Bernard

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Last week we had a nice day for our day off, but for reasons you all know, we needed to stay within cell service. After doing some chores around the campsite, we took the dogs for a ride down to Southwest Harbor, picked up a cheese pizza at Little Notch bakery, and had a picnic lunch at the Seawall Picnic area. It was very busy there, and all the tables on the water were already occupied, but that was ok, we still had a beautiful view and could hear the waves crashing on the shoreline. Between that and the buoys clanging in the distance, there’s no other sound quite like it.

We then took a walk on one of our favorite trails, Ship Harbor, and I got some pictures of the scenery in the sun!

One thing I’ve noticed is that the wildflowers bloom quite prolifically up here
A side path down to the water’s edge
The first half of the loop trail follows the harbor edge
Very tall pine trees
At the mouth of the harbor
Maine’s rocky shore…we sat here for awhile to let Chelsea res…