Santa Fe Days

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Our last day in San Antonio was actually spent in Fredericksburg again, a really lovely town in the middle of Texas Hill Country. Our reason for going there was to visit the National Museum of the Pacific War. We were surprised to find this museum smack dab in the middle of a small town in Texas, but it turns out that Admiral Nimitz was born and raised in Fredericksburg, and in 1971 The Nimitz Foundation was created to provide additional funding for the Nimitz Museum which was established in the former Nimitz Hotel. The museum had evolved to become one of the most highly regarded military museums in the country. Al has always been interested in the Pacific War, so we decided to spend the day there. The dogs needed a grooming, so we made appointments for them at a local groomer, and we went off to visit the museum. Six hours later, they were ready to be picked up, and we had barely gotten through the main portion of the museum. Now I know why the admission ticket was good for two days; you definitely need it to cover then entire complex. I did take pictures, but unfortunately my laptop had a major “hiccup” while I was loading them and they disappeared :-(. However, over at Dave and Diane’s blog, they have some wonderful pictures to look at (they happened to be there the day after we were). We enjoyed the museum very much, learned quite a bit about the war that we didn’t know, and heartily recommend a trip there even if you are not a military enthusiast.

The next day we departed lovely San Antonio for new adventures in Santa Fe. It was a 700 mile trip, which we broke up into two days. We took a diagonal route in that direction, starting on I10 (we’ve been on that interstate a long ways!), then Hwy. 83, 153 and 73 until meeting I20 for a short ways in Sweetwater Texas (where I managed to get a little lost for a few minutes but then got going the right way and caught up to Al and the coach!). It was actually a very pleasant drive through some pretty country, much different from our drive two years ago from Dallas to Amarillo. After just a few miles on I20 we got off on Hwy. 84 and headed to Lubbock, our stop for the night. It was a long day at 400 miles, and I was happy to pull into the KOA right off the highway north of Lubbock. I know why not just stay at WalMart for free? We just don’t particularly care for that, I feel more comfortable being in a campground away from traffic and noise for the night. Its better for me to get a good night’s sleep before moving on than save the 23 bucks it cost me to stay.

Our second day of driving was only (!) 300 miles and we did get a fairly early start for it. We stayed on US84 all the way to I25 circling Santa Fe (through it’s different name changes) and again it was a pleasant drive with nice scenery and little traffic. We had one little difficulty that day with the drive that has popped up now and then, and I’m wondering if anyone else has this problem with their Ford truck: Al likes to put it on cruise control when the driving is pretty straightforward. At one point I noticed him slowing down then pull over to the side. Apparently the truck started losing power. there were no error codes like when the sensor went bad, and the truck doesn’t stop, just a significant loss of power. We could see there was a pretty good sized town about 20 miles ahead of us (Santa Rosa) so we put on the emergency flashers and headed that way. After pulling into the truck stop there and letting the truck sit while we ate lunch, the computer seems to reset itself and then we’re fine again. Has this happened to anyone else? I believe it probably has something to do with the cruise control, as the three times it has happened since we’ve owned it the cruise control has been on.

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