Quartzsite – An RV’ers Winter Haven

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 The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.
Now why would Quartzsite be a haven to anyone for anything?  After all, it’s a very small town smack dab in the middle of the desert.  There isn’t a lot there.  blmsunsetWell, there isn’t a lot there until winter time and especially during the month of January.  This little town certainly comes alive.  It becomes a mecca for Rv’ers and vendors.  This dead little town really starts popping.  RVs show up from all over the globe and just behind them come hundreds of vendors with their wares.
Photo borrowed from Jim and Sandie
We have arrived and even better than that some of our friends are starting to arrive too. Temperatures are in the 70’s and only good weather predicted for the next ten days or so.  Again, we hope the weatherman is right on.
Jim and Sandie showed up on Thursday after numerous problems with their RV getting out of Apache Junction.  They were supposed to arrive on Tuesday but the propane switch broke.  They were supposed to arrive on Wednesday but the 5th wheel came crashing down on the truck bed and on their generator at departure.  They did arrive on Thursday after finding a new generator.  And,  they  made it safely.
We  drove around the BLM looking for the perfect spot to hide.  We found it.  We hope we found 2711107_Quartzsite aerial450it, I mean .  Jim backed their 5th wheel into place and Denise (another RV’er) parked on the other side of the rocks already built for a campfire.  Actually, we were trying to mark our territory.  After all, over the next month, we’ll have about 17 or 18 other rigs pull in and out of our little circle.  Thus, we need to mark our territory so others will have space when they arrive.
Borrowed from Good Sam

Another group we’re going to gather with will have another 15 or so rigs so it’s definitely going to be a big time in the little town.

We’re here.  If you’re around, let us know so we can get acquainted.  It’s a big desert out there and it’s so much more fun to meet others who are also close to where we are.  Let the socializing begin!!  Actually, it already has and I’m so tuckered out tonight that I can’t think of a thing more to add to this even though I have a few pictures from today but that’s got to be next time.
‘Tis life on the road.