Oregon Dunes

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Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.
Heading to the coast on Sunday sure felt good.  Even though we had some issues getting out of Portland with the bike marathon going on, it was great to be heading someplace … anyplace different.  We’ve been to the Oregon coast many times.  However, over the last couple years we’ve mainly stayed from Tillamook north.
Our trip this time was just an exploratory trip. It gave us something different to do, other places to check out and a little time to look at places we might like to go. Besides Lee was babysitting Duchess. It won’t be long and a babysitter won’t be available.
We had been wanting to visit the Oregon Dunes and that was the plan. However, we couldn’t go through Tillamook without stopping at the Tillamook Cheese Factory.  We have visited this place numerous times in the past and have never seen it this packed. After standing in line for one ice cream cone, we were out of there as fast as we could be.
Just south of Tillamook is the Air Museum. This is a great museum and if you haven’t made the stop to check it out, you’re really missing something. We did this last year with our friends, Jerry and Janice. 
Just a short hop farther down HWY 101 was our exit to Sand Lake. We had heard about this place and we wanted to go. It’s supposed to be one of many ATV hotspots on the Oregon Coast. Our mission was to check it out as well cell signal. Well, the cell signal flunked but everything else about it we really liked. Most importantly we liked the fact that the senior pass was good in the campground and you could ride straight from the park to the dunes.
The weather was gorgeous for the drive.  On the north end of our drive there were very few clouds.  The clouds and fog started rolling in the farther south we got.  However, it was spotty.  It was still a nice day regardless of the fog.