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Currently in Goodyear AZ (Low 56 Breezy Slight Chance of Rain High 72)
We are enjoying the cooler temperatures, high of only 72 today, at least for awhile. We have been sitting outside in the shade reading books from the library for the last few days.

Who knew that there was a museum dedicated to all kinds of musical instruments? Who knew that it was located in Phoenix? Finally, who knew it was an incredible museum? Well we knew that it was in Phoenix and we found out that it was great during a recent visit. There are so many musical instruments from around the world that it is hard to believe. Here are some examples:
At checkin you get wireless headphones that pick up the signal from the area that you are in sync’d with the video that you can watch at the displays. Make sure that you do this, this is really neat. The museum is subdivided a few ways. The…