It’s deep, it’s BLUE

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 We just returned from a week-long visit to Crater Lake National Park. Descriptive words, such as awesome, beautiful, gorgeous, magnificent, spiritual come to mind – but those words just do not do justice to the spectacular vision Crater Lake is…

It was quiet. Peaceful. Restful. AND mosquito free. Yes, we had been warned. We were DEET prepared…didn’t see bug one the whole week. September is the month to go if you want to be relatively kid-free as well. We live next door to six (6), yes that’s right- 6, children who are for the most part — great kids (aka, not obnoxiously noisy). So when we pulled in and were about to select a site, I glanced across the road and there were not 1, not 2, but 3 child sized bikes and a bus that had been graffiti’d in ways that only the stoners of the 60’s would truly appreciate…I recoiled and said, ah, NO. My week in God’s country was for rest, relax, and to rejuvenate…not to listen to small people having non-quiet moments.

So, if you are a camper, RVer or tenter…Crater Lake is for you. The spaces are large and there are some with electricity and are of different sizes so large rigs are few and far between.  If you are not one of the above, the Crater Lake Lodge is available as well. However, reservations are difficult to come by unless you book almost one whole year (10 – 12 months) in advance.  There is a NP campground for tents only that is very reasonable…$10/night. We were near the other motel, a ‘motor inn’, however I have not a clue as to the nightly rate.

Crater Lake Lodge

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