Four Geological POIs in Arizona

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We’ve been gradually traveling east through Arizona on I-40, stopping for a few days to a week at a time to see what there is to see along the way.  Unlike the richly vegetated desert around Tucson and Phoenix, the territory in eastern AZ is a monochromatic beige, sparsely covered with what I would call scrub brush and tumble weed. But, hidden in the nooks and crannies off the highway is some pretty surprising scenery.  Four unusual geological features drew our attention.
We made a rest stop between Williams and Holbrook, near Winslow, to see the Meteor Crater, aka Barringer’s Crater, a privately owned attraction about 5 miles off the highway, with plenty of parking for RVs.  (No dogs allowed in the attraction. Fortunately it was a cool, breezy day, so Honey waited in the car for awhile.)

There is a nice visitor’s center with an admission fee, which houses a museum,  restrooms, a gift shop, a courtyard, a Subway (!),  access to the crater via various walkways, balconies and overlooks…
…and a very neat view of Mount Humphreys in Flagstaff.
The crater is described as “the best preserved meteorite impact site on Earth” by the Meteor Crater company, and is 2.4 miles in circumference, obviously too big to fit in my camera frame. Here we have side A…

 …and side B.
Two of the overlo…