“Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind?”

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As a matter of fact, it does.  We lived here for many, many years and today we returned to check out the changes and immerse ourselves in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas scene.  We’re here  — half-way between Dallas and Fort Worth. It has changed BIG TIME!

_15Mar_2Well, I told you we were in Deming, NM last.  That wasn’t our planned landing for Thursday night but that’s where we ended up.  We left Tucson in the afternoon and drove the 203 miles from one site to another.  We celebrated the fact that we had full hook ups.  Yippee!  A little extra enjoyment is always a reason for celebration.  However, we zonked right out.   We had started late and arrived late. 
Friday we were off to take care of a few simple things and stop by to see our friend, IYQ (aka Lee).  He _15Mar_3wanders around part of the year and ends up in New Mexico for the other part of it.   He had bought a cute little trailer for weekend jaunts.  We had heard about it and, of course, wanted to see it.  Our report —- we loved it!  Hmm … what fun it would be to have a weekender too!
We also went to Adobe Deli.  He had taken us there to eat last year.  We loved it then and we loved it this time too.  I tried to take a picture inside of the boys but where I was trying to take it just didn’t work. The place is definitely unique and sits way back in the middle of crucesnowhere.  What a great place to eat. Thanks, Lee.
   Las Cruces 
The plan was to spend a second night in Deming but that little eraser came out and erased all those plans.  What the heck!  We were soon on our way to Texas.  It was another late afternoon departure but we were only traveling 85 miles.  The weather man had been predicting winds above 32 mph.   Strong winds were supposed to continue through the Wednesday of the next week.  This was part of the reason we went on.   However, every day the forecast was modified.  The winds came sooner than expected and even went away sooner than …