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Visalia CA (Low 55 Partly Sunny High 91)

Well we made it to the National Parks yesterday but it was a very long day. Should have broken it into two days but waiting for the awning motor cost us a day. We have an incredible number of photos to go thru so this will be a catching up post on our stay in Parker Arizona.

This was going to be our “On The Road Again – to Parker AZ” blog entry but we ended up in an internet dead zone so it was not posted.

Here is the route we took from Goodyear Arizona.

We stayed at Castle Rock Shores and the location is amazing. Right on the Colorado River, here is the view to the right with our truck in the picture.

Here is the view to the left.

The remoteness of the location makes it a virtual dead zone for cell and internet service. To some this is an advantage but to us we struggled with this at first. Bob read the reviews and there are some spots in the park that can get cell coverage so we went with the beauty of the park. The park had free wifi but only at the clubhouse.

With all that said we still like this park and there were a couple of sites that were more appealing and we had cell coverage there. We really like the area and if we are back we would consider staying here again. After all how many times do you have a saguaro in your back yard.

Here is Bob along the river just outside our camper, it was too hot while we were there unfortunately to spend too much time outside though.

The big things we did while in Parke…