Best Brisket and Stressful Travel

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Like many of the RVing folks we know, we travel lots without reservations.  Most of the time it works perfectly.  We have a general idea where we’re going, where we’d like to stay and we just head in that direction.  If we decide to go another route, that’s no problem either as we just change.  That’s normally how it works for us.
Then there are others who make reservations.  They not only make reservations for the week or two ahead, they actually have reservations made months ahead of time.  If one thing changessnips, then everything must change.  That would not be possible for us since we change often.

A little record searching 
However, traveling in Texas during the month of March has definitely been out of the ordinary for us and we’ve hardly even started this month.  There are so many lakes and rivers and things to do in Texas and people want to take advantage of where they live.  This next week is spring break time and when that hits LOOK OUT.  All the parks fill up and prices go sky high.  The towns schedule special events such as rodeos to keep the folks from leaving.  So, if you go out of town, the parks are full and if __March8_2you stay in town the parks are full.   If you didn’t have foresight to make reservations for this time, you’re in a pickle.  I didn’t have foresight.  Needless to say, nothing has worked and I’ve been a very stressful camper.