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To add your blog to RVThereYet we request two things:

  1. Register with RVThereYet (Click here to register).
  2. Choose a RVThereYet Blog Network badge to the left and place it on your blog
  3. Then fill out the form below

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    What post will be displayed on RVThereYet?

    We do not display all posts from your blog. All posts are curated based on content that meet certain criteria:

    • Content must mainly be about a location such as an RV park, a city, state, etc.
    • Posts that are mainly about family members or political views will not be posted.
    • Posts that do not have photos will generally not be posted.
    • Posts that are only a few sentences long or contain a single photo will not be posted.

    The general idea is when an RVer is looking for an RV park, content relevant to that location will be displayed.

    I have added a post to my blog, why is not displaying on RVThereYet?

    • This may be answered by the criteria mentioned above
    • If not, we do not upload posts automatically. They are uploaded every 1 – 2 days after they posted on your blog.
    • If you think there is a further issue, please contact us.