What We’ve Been Up To!

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The past week we’ve been on the morning shift, which means our work day is over around 3:00 in the afternoon. The weather has been wonderful, finally, so we’ve had a few hours each afternoon to play in the park :-).

The month of August presented us geo-cachers with a special opportunity; every day in August that you find and log a cache you earn a souvenir. So far, we’ve only missed three days out of the month…thank goodness there are so many caches here! In searching for various caches, we’ve gone to some real pretty spots.

This was one of the most interesting “hidden in plain sight” caches…note the name on the mailbox!
We dropped into the town of Bar Harbor on the “blue moon” night for some practice in taking night pictures. This is the beautiful hotel at the edge of town with the full moon shining over it.
I’ve also been wanting a picture of this character on top of Geddy’s…
Close up!
While in town we did a little shopping…this was our favorite sticker :-).