Waltz Across Texas

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Our first night in Texas was February 23rd.  It’s taken us quite a while to “waltz across” this state.  However, we’ve reached our farthest point east (maybe) and our farthest point south (maybe).  We’re turning and heading in another direction soon.  After all every place north will soon start having nicer weather, snows will melt and the clouds will go away.  That’s how it works, right?  Besides it’s going to start getting pretty dang hot in the south.
We experienced a little of that the other day when the humidity reached 99%!  We’re thankful it was just one night and not more.

We had some pretty great days in Corpus and on Padre Island.  Then, the winds started howling and when they howled, they really howled.  The time came for us to move on towards Houston.  After all, Terry and Sandi had a plane to catch out of Houston Hobby or we might have turned and headed northwest at that point.  The 200 mile trip from Corpus to Houston was uneventful.  We love uneventful trips.

We know the Houston Elks is pretty full most of the time but we were lucky that there was a perfect end spot for us.  It was the spot our friends, Paul and Marsha, recently moved out of … so thank you for giving us your spot!

Our little Garmin is up to date but we’ve still seen a few little hiccups from it recently.  One was when Mr. Garmin directed us to turn left when we were on top of an overpass.  That would have been a difficult trick and quite a drop. .  

Another recent hiccup was when the Garmin was directing us to go straight and yet two lanes of the freeway went left and two lanes went right.  We played a guessing game and we guessed wrong.  The best trick of all was when we were downtown Houston and the little direction arrow was going around in circles.  We’re thinking that perhaps the satellite was hidden by all the tall buildings. 

Saturday was another story.  We were on our way to Beaumont, Texas to visit friends and check out the South Texas State Fair.  After the trip we made to downtown Houston on Friday, there was no way we were going to get stuck in that traffic again.   We started out before 8:00 AM hoping to miss the Houston traffic.  We didn’t.  Houston always has traffic – always.   Guess what I found before we left …. the battery charger for my camera’s batteries!  Oh well … I still have a new one coming.  Now I’ll have two cameras.