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We are finding here in Bar Harbor that when you have a day off, and the weather forecast is dry for several hours in a row, you jump on the opportunity to get outside and take a walk! Last week the day after our excursion to the Blue Hill Peninsula we had a decent morning forecast, so we packed up the pups and headed off to do the Beech Cliff Loop Trail, and then look for a few more caches here on the island.

Beech Cliff Loop Trail is a short 1 mile loop with beautiful views of Echo Lake and Frenchman’s Bay out to the ocean. I know our walks have been on the shorter side this year, but Chelsea is getting up there, eleven years old now, and simply isn’t up to long or strenuous walks. And it would break our hearts to leave her behind by herself, so we all go together and we pace ourselves to her :-).

On the way, though, first we stopped for a cache in the historic village of Somesville, the oldest settlement on Mount Desert Island, founded in 1761. Unfortunately, the little museum has very limited hours…
but the most photographed bridge in the State of Maine is always open!
across the street is a pretty little pond
which drops over a small dam with a fish ladder built on the side (so the alewives can get up into the calm waters for spawning)…
and flows into Somes Sound, the only fjord on the East Coast. Very pretty stop, and a successful caching venture.