Two Unique RV Parks: NRA Whittington and Sand Dunes Swimming Pool

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Sometimes we stop at campgrounds for unusual reasons. Mostly we’re looking for nice big sites, comfortable amenities, good views, a dog park, walking trails, water, interesting towns nearby, and all that. But I found two RV parks that piqued my interest for completely different reasons.
First, the National Rifle Association Whittington Center, near Raton, New Mexico.
The main entrance to the NRA Whittington Center. Those are flags of all 50 US States.
There are cabins and an RV park on the property, very similar in style to a state park. It’s primary function however, as you might guess from it’s name, is as a comprehensive and high quality shooting range.  While both Rick and I are in support of the Second Amendment in principle, we are not gun enthusiasts by any means.  We are not NRA members, and have no particular position on the NRA.  We were mainly curious about the place.
Entrance gate and offices

The Whittington Center is an impressive 33,300 acre property in the volcanic foothills of northern New Mexico. It is backed on one entire side by hills and mesas, giving all the ranges a safe bumper, or safety zone, or whatever you call it.

One of the many shooting ranges that we could see from our site.