Tumco Ghost Town – Glamis Sand Dunes

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Sometimes I have a few little blogs as backups.  These usually aren’t current blogs about where we’ve gone or what we’ve seen.  They are about thoughts I’ve had or things I want to know from others.  That was the one I posted prior to this.  Eventually, I’ll respond to some of the responses about the perfect park but right now I really need to get caught up and caught current or I’ll forget where we were and what we did.
Morning after evidence of rain
It doesn’t rain a lot in Arizona and especially in the desert portions of that state.  Most of the part of Arizona we stay in during the winter is obviously the desert.  Well, we got rain.  We really saw rain the other day.  I take that back.  We heard rain hit the top of the motorhome through a good portion of the night.  The picture shows the true evidence of that rain.  We had puddles and we had mud.  Now that we’ve had it, we’re ready for everything to dry up and the mud to go away.  The mud hasn’t totally disappeared yet.  We noticed that as we rode out in the desert on our ATVs.  Mud was slinging everywhere.  I like it.  Terry hates it.  I think that’s because he has to clean the ATVs when we’re done.
Cactus Wren
Friday rolled around and we took a drive with Freddy and Delcie.  We had some ideas of where we might go but weren’t totally sure where we would end up or what we would see.  First of all we took I-8 to Ogilby Road.  A lot of RVs were still parked on each side of the road just off the highway.  This is another BLM and these RVs were taking advantage of a place to park and spend a little sunshine time in the gorgeous deserts of California.