Tucson’s Desert Museum and Escapade

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Tucson’s Desert Museum is one of those places that if you haven’t been there, you really need to go.  It is beautiful and it is amazing.  The beautiful desert is just as you expect it to be with many types of cactus, colorful plants and, of course, saguaro cactus.  In addition it’s full of wildlife from reptiles to birds and coyotes to javelins.

We started the day off early and we’re glad we did.  The weather has been rather nice in Tucson.  Mornings are cooler and afternoons can get much warmer.  This time our timing was perfect.  We arrived at 9:30 and the first show of the day was the raptor show at 10:00.  That was on our to see list. 

The peregrine falcon is the fastest bird on the planet and can fly upwards of 200 mph.  The Chihuahuan Raven is another one that is  fast at targeting the prey and then having it for dinner.

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