Touring the Big ‘RED STICK’

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We spent just a couple of days in the Baton Rouge area…don’t miss the Louisiana State Museum…it’s both informative and beautiful. It’s also located very close to the state capitol buildings and downtown BR. The first floor is in a historical layout, covering the state as a whole.

                    Calaboose slave door (jail) Fairview Plantation below.
<and from Huey Long’s home an interior door.

As part of the state history of slavery, is this collection of “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” book covers.



John James Audubon,
 ^ the naturalist,
spent time drawing some 167 birds while living on a plantation in the 1820’s.
Upstairs, the 2nd floor is designed to inform you on the 5 distinctive cultural districts that make up Louisiana. It’s more about the food, the arts, the …