The Chinle Trail: Zion National Park

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Continuing with the pursuit of new and adventurous hikes, here is an exploration of the Chinle Trail as far as the foot of Mount Kinesava. Rick is learning the names of the geological formations we are seeing around here, so I’ll include a bit of that. Mostly I was just impressed with the beauty and the peace of the places the trail took us.
The trail begins at Anasizi Way, a “private” road on the east side of Rockville, Utah. Coming from the west on Rt. 9, it’s an easy left turn to miss, but the real doozy comes at the first right off of Anasazi Way.  There is a sign pointing to the right, indicating the Chinle Trailhead, but there’s no way anyone in their right mind would make that turn without knowing what to expect. So the first time I went, I stopped the car, put on the parking break and got out to see if there really was a road and not a cliff there below the hood of the car. Sure enough, there is and you just have to creep over the crest blindly and hope it’s there. Trust me and go real slow.
From the parking lot, the trail begins at the information sign and winds it way up a hill, zig-zagging and crossing Anasazi Way again further up. Anasazi Way accesses a beautiful group of adobe homes on what I assume is Anasazi Plateau. (I’ll say more about them later.) It also accesses some bike trails on BLM land.
The trail is well marked in some important places, and clear enough as it meanders through the rocks on the edge of the plateau. You just have to pay attention.