Techatticup Mine and Nelson, Nevada

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I’m sure most of you know who this good looking young man in the rescue swimming gear is.  Some of you have even met him personally.  It’s been almost a year since we’ve seen him.  That will soon change.  We’re certainly looking forward to seeing Justin again.
We took a short ride Saturday to the town of Nelson, Nevada.  Ever been there?  Ever heard of it?  Well, our GPS hadn’t even heard of it.  Thank goodness the directions were easy and I already knew how to get there.  It’s an easy drive .. just 25 miles south of Boulder City.  The town of Nelson has canyons on all sides.  El Dorado Canyon is just a few miles farther down the road.
Of course, we had to visit El Dorado Canyon first.    The road is mostly paved except for just the end which connects at the Colorado River.  I had read online that deserters from the Civil War used to hide in this area.  The deserters were from both the North and the South.  Now neither of us could figure why they would travel this far to hide.  It was certainly a long way from any battlefield.

We were glad we hadn’t counted on needing any fuel in Nelson.  By the looks of the gas pumps, we figured they had been dry a mighty long time.


We also didn’t need any lodging.  These soon to be totally converted buses will eventually be used as overnight lodgi…