Swamps, Snakes, Duck Dynasty and Coca Cola

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So once Jerry and Janice showed up in Shreveport  it started raining.  The weather wasn’t something we would really have ordered if we had a choice.  It rained and it rained and then we had a little clearing before it rained again.  It’s kind of hard to do a lot  outside when it’s raining hard.
Monday rolled around and we were on our way to visit the Duck Commander in Monroe, Louisiana.  Jerry was in charge of finding the perfect little RV park to stay at and he did.  Lake Cheniere Park is a county park and the rate is $10 a night plus tax.  They have 8 sites with water and electric plus a dump on site.  It didn’t take long for either of us to back into our site and enjoy the beautiful lake right behind us.
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___7apr_9Once we were set up Janice and I took a walk down the hill and walked along the grassy water front.   I discovered what poison ivy looked like but thankfully knew to stay away.  There were a couple things I learned about that walk but only after we returned.  One was that there are copperheads, rattlesnakes and copper mouth snakes that hang around the waterfront.  Those are just the little annoyances.  A bigger annoyance might be a not so friendly alligator.  I’m glad I leaned about those things from our neighbor once I was back at our site.   If I had known before, I would have looked at the scenery from …