Strolling through TRUTH….Hot Springs, NM

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Is it Truth or is it Hot Springs….

For those who know me, know that I love local art. I also love, love, love books. And if I can find local art and books…it’s called nirvana. Our travels enable me to tour the back roads/the small towns and discover how the local citizens create opportunities for visual improvements…some repaint over what might have been graffiti …..

or dress UP the local abode bank building.


Some of the local art also incorporated books…this particular building is a maze of books crammed into nooks and small spaces….loads of rare and out of print books overtook one-third of the space. Amongst the stacks were pieces of pottery for space and the shelf laden with gem rocks.

Raggedly Andy and his sister Anne graced a shelf of children’s books


Just down the street we discovered “Black Cat Books & Coffee… books and coffee – always a wonderful way to spend an hour or so on a lazy afternoon. 
Theatre & Film aisle