Southern Food, Friends and Good Times

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There’s just something right about being in Louisiana.  Maybe we’ve just been lucky but we’ve met some very nice and friendly people while we’ve been here.  It seems we’ve stepped into a whole new world since we left Dallas.  We’re in the land of southerners and there’s just something about that.  It’s not just the people and their deep southern drawl though. __4apr_21It’s also the southern food.  That’s a hard one for me.  It seems every couple years I have some pounds to shed.  I gain it all back when we get with folks we know and folks who like to try all the new restaurants.  Getting together over a meal just seems to be the thing to do.  All caution goes out the window when you’re chatting and eating.  Ask me how I know and I’ll just tell you, I know.__4apr_22
Louisiana was the fourth state to approve riverboat casino gam­bling and its gambling law allows a maximum of 15 boats statewide. However, there are now 3 casinos on Indian land and one land based casino in New Orleans.  The riverboats are attached to the __4apr_2front of the land based casinos by a walkway to the riverboat. 
We looked at some of the riverboats from the boardwalk and the outside didn’t look like many of them had been really kept up.  Inside these casinos the appearance is totally different.  They’re loaded with slot machines, restaurants and decorated to the hilt.   We’ve tried our luck and won a little but certainly don’t seem to be losing it as fast as those in Arizona or Vegas.