Soaking in Crystal Crane Hot Springs, Oregon

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Before I start gushing about this place, I just have to say that northern Nevada was incredible. Not the towns so much – if they were alive at all they were overburdened with casinos. But the landscape was so different from what I expected. I was imagining Nevada as dry and featureless, but it was wild, remote and dramatic.  We drove through what geologists call the Basin and Range, including the Great Basin National Park.  Both the basins (or big valleys) and the ranges (or mountains) were huge. We drove over, around and through range after range of rocky, snow covered mountains, and green, yes green, valleys.  We’ll have to return and give this part of the state more of our time some day. 

So, Crystal Crane Hot Springs is a small, rustic resort with a few cabins, a couple of teepees, tent sites, and maybe 20 RV sites.  It features hot springs that fill a beautiful pond, an outdoor hot tub and four or five indoor private hot tubs.  The RV sites are very basic, with a few full hook-ups and a few more with partial hook-ups spread around a kind of haphazard piece of property.  The folks who run it are great, and there seem to be a lot of live-in staff who are helping to reconstruct the place in some way. 
Now, time to gush. This is a hot water lovers paradise, as far as I’m concerned. I love to soak in a hot bath, and haven’t been able to do so for the three years we’ve been living in the above rig, for obvious reasons. (Well, perhaps not obvious…RV’s are usually equipped with showers, and the few that may have tubs have very small ones, that don’t even count.)  I am not fond of chlorine or bromine treated hot tubs, but I’ll take them. This is something completely different. 

The water comes bubbling up from a well that is naturally heated by geothermal activity d…