Pequot Ledge Campgrounds

3 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.

157 Doyle Rd
Oakdale, CT
GPS Coords: 41.505747, -72.209588
Phone: 860-859-0682

Pequot Ledge Campgrounds
3 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.
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04/15 through 10/15


  • Laundry Facilities
  • Recreation Hall


  • Boat Rentals
  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • Horseshoes
  • Planned Activities
  • Playground
  • Swiming Pool

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Full Hookup: $35.00

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Reviews for Pequot Ledge Campgrounds

One review for this RV park

  1. Facebook Avatar Anonymous
    July 5, 2011
    My family & I camped at Pequot Ledge over a holiday weekend. Before we had gone, I searched for reviews of Pequot Ledge on-line, on various websites. Many were negative, but mostly due to the cabin rentals. I cannot review the cabins as my family & I camped in our Pop-Up (and I heard that the owners want to referbish the cabins or take them down anyway). I do remember one reviewer on some site saying that the seasonal campers were not friendly. But from our experience, I cannot agree. All of our fellow campers, temporary ones like us, as well as the seasonal folks, were awesome. Everyone was friendly. In fact, we camped in between two seasonal families. The minute we arrived, we were welcomed. And as the weekend progressed, we were not forgotten. Neighbors allowed our son to ride on their kid's bikes and then we were invited to join a volley ball game. We would take frequent walks all around the campground and every person we ran into was terrific. There were maybe a tiny few folks who were loud and had potty mouths with a complete disregard for the many children running around. Or they played music loudly as if everyone likes their musical choices. But again, these were just a tiny few (and you can find these types of folks anywhere so I don't hold it against the campground!). I am happy to report, none of these selfish people were camped closely to us! We had wonderful neighbors! Couldn't hear their music unless you were right in their campsite visiting.

    Pequot Ledge is a little in need of renovation but I guess they are working on it. Plus, this is camping ... not some fancy resort, it's supposed to be a little rustic. The lots were a great size and from what I understood, most offered electricity, water & sewer which is awesome. Made our Pop-Up more functional and like home. But on our lot, the sewer pipe stunk to high heaven! There was no cover on it. Some previous camper shoved underwear in the hole but it did not stop the smell (and who wants to touch that?). I finally just covered it up with plastic wrap/alluminum foil and that solved the odor problem completely. The public bathrooms were a bit old. Not trashed, just dingy. Thankfully, our Pop-Up had a shower & toilet so I rarely had to use one of the public bathrooms. The water of Gardner Lake was so clean & clear. You could see right down into it. But the beach was a little worn. Fresh sand had not been brought in, in quite a while. Grass had started to poke through. And the ground did not flow into the lake as a traditional beach would. There were steps that went down onto a wooden deck- where you then stepped down into the water. It was attractive, sure, but the deck was very slippery. I saw a few near tumbles. But all in all, the water was great. The lake bottom is rocky so wear your flip-flops or water shoes! I'm not complaining about that because it's a lake, not a beach. You can't expect a soft sandy ground under water. You just have to be prepared. And my son doesn't know the difference between fine sand or crusty sand anyway. He's just happy to play in it. And we were happy hanging out there. It was peaceful.

    My only real disappointment: the "playground." My husband described it best: "This is a toy graveyard." They had 3 little playhouses. Two were falling apart and children could not walk inside anyway. The weeds/grass inside were taller than a 2 yr old! It was as if someone simply mowed around them. The third playhouse did not look like it was falling in on itself like the others, but the door had fallen off. The house was faded, dirty, and infested with spiders and cobwebs. And we're not talking tiny spiders. These things were big & hairy! Most of the playground equipment was like that. Infested with cobwebs and/or overgrown by weeds. I know we're in nature and spiders cannot be completely stopped. But here, they looked like they had moved in a long time ago and nobody cared. And for all the beautiful trees that the campground has as a whole, there were none in the playground area. It was entirely open and uncovered. I took my son to play around 1:00PM on a sunny day and the slides were scalding hot! I wouldn't let him on any of them and he was so disappointed! A little maintenance here would go a LONG way. Toss the broken playhouses, shop vac (or powerwash) the equipment weekly to combat spiders, MOVE items when mowing to keep weeds & grass from invading (or better yet, invest in some soft, neutral colored, matting which would stop the grass from growing altogether, as well as soften a kid's landing as he comes down the slide), and lastly- reposition some of the equipment, set a huge canopy up, or plant trees in a fairly safe distance for some shade! And viola! We'd have a sweet little playground!

    But with all that said, we did have a few cute experiences. There was a free hayride for all ages, I did see some kids on a scavenger hunt, and there was a karoke night with no age limit. No matter how wonderful or badly anyone sang (child or adult), everyone cheered their efforts. Plus, the fact that they allow leashed dogs on the campgrounds, is also a great thing. Dogs are not allowed on the beach but they are welcome to hang out and swim in the boat docking area. Since I consider our dog to be a part of the family, this inclusion was greatly appreciated by me!

    I guess in the end, Pequot Ledge is a decent place. But if you google campsites in CT, there are so many to choose from, nothing about this one stands out enough to make us crave going back. But hey, never say never. I heard some of the seasonal folks say that things are always being improved so maybe we'll come back to see what's new in a year or two ... we're not ones to let a bad review stop us from checking a place out. Camping is what you make it ... so decide for yourself!

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