Rolling Down the Road

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“Build a man a fire, and he’ll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he’ll be warm for the rest of his life.”
I mentioned the other day we had a decision to make.  By Thursday we needed to decide what route to take south.  Temperatures during the day were pleasant but the overnight temperatures mixed with the humidity was quite a bit lower than we hoped for.  We knew the trusty weatherman could help us decide so we went to him for his advice.
We were wondering if the crow perched on this sign to let us know the miles were really “as the crow flies” and not necessarily “as the vehicle drives”.
What we did discover is that no matter what direction we were heading, we would still have chill_oct17a1y nighttime temperatures until we got much farther south.  If we decided to take the inland route, the temperatures would be about 10 degrees cooler at night than the coastal route.  It was definitely a dilemma.  Thursday arrived on time.  We could put off that decision no longer.
Leaving the Elks Thursday morning! (Take note of neighbor’s Lazy Daze rig)
So, where did we head?  Well, first stop was the RV dump at the Honeyman State Park.  The Elks in Florence had water and electricity but no dump.  This was just a few miles down the road and in a perfect, easy location to get the task taken care of.
We knew you’d want a picture of us dumping.
Reedsport was 22 miles down the road from The Elks in Florence.  This was the decision location.  We could have turned inland on Hwy 38.  This would have dropped us 65 miles later just south of Sutherlin on I-5.  When we reached that…