Portland – City of Roses

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God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December.


Day two of our whirlwind tour guiding services in the Portland area started early.  Actually, we always start fairly early and I really can’t blame the Weavers for that.  I can try but doubt they would let us get away with it since we’re the ones that set the time.  You know how it goes, the early bird gets the worm.  Really we think the early bird misses most of the crowds. That we like to do … miss the crowds.
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Portland is also famous for the water fountains.  A list of them are here.
Portland – City of Water Fountains
We were going to start with Breakfast at Valerie’s. This is a little restaurant in a strip mall east of Vancouver. We’ve had breakfast here a couple times and will probably continue going back again and again. Portions are huge, service good and prices very reasonable … at least that’s the review for the place when we’ve been there. However, breakfast was no…