Port Angeles – Hurricane Ridge and Ediz Hook

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I mentioned the other day we got the only full hookup site in the RV park.  Luck was on our side for sure.  I should have ran down to the corner store and bought a lottery ticket but I didn’t.  However, that evening we didn’t feel so lucky when we saw a truckload of canoes and more vehicles pull into the park …. along with about 40 cub scouts.  Oh oh ….. I began to wonder if we were going to be moving before our timeslot ran out.  Even though they were running everywhere, they actually were fairly quiet and out of the park before we were even up the following morning.  Whee !  We were afraid the troops had moved in.

Friday was another beautiful day.  It just doesn’t get better in this area than it has been.  Temperatures are predicted to continue in the 80’s and plenty of sunshine is going to be around here for a while.  We sure appreciated that sunshine and with such a clear day, we figured that would be the day to be on top of the world.  So, that’s where we headed …. the top of the world.

_12JUL_003Port Angeles is just a short distance west from Sequim.  It’s the biggest little town in this part of the Olympic Peninsula.  What Port Angeles doesn’t have Sequim does.  Well, that’s not quite true because neither town has a Fry’s Electronics which just happens to be about my favorite store.  Plus, there is no Winco but there is a Costco!

This deer was curious about Duchess.  Of course, Duchess was used to deer so didn’t  pay attention to her.  Ms. Deer kept coming.  Thus,  we had to move.

We were off to Hurricane Ridge.  The road to Hurricane Ridge lifts you from sea level to just over 5000’ high above it.  It’s about 15 miles from…