Parkesdale Market

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Parkesdale Market

Bushnell, FL – Events of Monday, March 30, 2015

After relaxing on Sunday afternoon, Paul was outside puttering around on Monday when he discovered his tire pressure gauge was missing. Oh-oh. He was checking pressures in the truck about a week prior, and he thinks the he probably left the gauge lying on the rear bumper and then later drove off. Paul checked the lost and found at the office, but wasn’t surprised the gauge wasn’t there because he was pretty sure he wouldn’t have been driving fast enough for it to fall off until he got to the light at the corner of the main road. That meant the gauge was long gone.

Paul got his old pressure gauge from Camping World, and he liked it a lot. It was convenient to use, and it gave accurate, repeatable readings. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find anything similar to it online, so we decided to drive down to the Camping World in Dover, FL near Tampa to get a replacement. We usually go to the Camping World in Ocala because is closer, but we went to Dover this time because that Camping World is a couple of exits west of Parkesdade Farm Market in Plant City. We headed to Parkesdale after picking up the new gauge.

Parkesdale Farm Market is famous for their strawberry shortcake and strawberry milkshakes. We went there last year after a visit to Plant City, and it was very crowded. The line for shortcake ran up the side of the store, snaked across the front a couple of times, then went back and forth inside several times. Fortunately for us this year, there was no line outside and there were only a couple of people ahead of us when we got inside.

Parkesdale Market_0013
Parkesdale Farm Market

Margery had strawberry shortcake, and Paul had a strawberry sundae.

Parkesdale Market_01
Paul carrying our treats to our table

Parkesdale Market_0018
Strawberry sundae (left) and strawberry shortcake

Parkesdale Market_0017