Paradise Found – Padre Island, Texas

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Two days just isn’t enough.  I only booked three nights so we could we could 31mar_3hop around on the Texas Gulf Coast.  That meant we only had two full days here.  It wasn’t enough.  
We have been very busy doing next to nothing as you can tell by the pictures below.  The problem with doing nothing at the beach with the sun and salt air is that it makes you very tired when you head back to reality but we certainly loved it.
Resident brown pelicans on the fishing pier at the RV park.


Duchess on her morning stroll before we headed out for the day.  She loves barking at the waves.
I love it here.  Why is it so far from where we spend our summers in Washington? 
More people always show up at the beach on the weekend.  We noticed that on Sunday when we did exactly the same thing.  The first place we stopped was beach road number 5.  It was a beach you could drive on with miles and miles of packed sand.  We had just arrived when we got caught by the Turtle Patrol.  It’s not quite free but almost.  For $12 a year you can drive on the beach and camp on it in many places.  Can you imagine a whole year’s entertainment for $12? !!  In this location we had lots of free space.  No one was real close and it definitely wasn’t packed.  We thought it close to Paradise for sure.