Off to the Big City — Scottsdale

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parker1“Take risks: if you win, you will be happy; if you lose, you will be wise.”
Quartzsite was left behind on Thursday.  We were on our way to the Big City.  Sometimes it’s fun being in a Big City.  There are many more places to go, a better selection of grocery stores or anything else you might need or want is normally available.  Besides it’s much cheaper to buy fuel, food and just about everything else.
Toni took this picture of Parker,  from their RV in Quartzsite.  I loved it so decided to borrow it.
Definitely an Arizona landscape.
Along with big cities also come big freeways.  We all  know what’s on the big freeways …. lots of traffic.  Our trip for the day was only about 140 miles.  It was a good trip and uneventful.  With all the problems we’ve had recently, we’ve come to really appreciate the uneventful travel days.  We still weren’t quite sure where we were going to end up.  There were so many options we were considering.  We figured it might be best if we just found a temporary place to stay while we tried to decide where to go.  That’s what we did.  Scottsdale sounded like a good option.  At least in Scottsdale we were saving another 30 or 40 miles from traveling through Mesa and Apache Junction.  We’ve never been fond of big city traffic.
Once parked and set up we met friends, Jim and Sandie, at the Texas Roadhouse for an early dinner. …