Nova Scotia…Continued!

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Ok, so I pretty much blew it by posting at lunchtime instead of saving it at lunchtime. I just get myself in trouble by doing things piece meal I guess. So, anyway…as I was saying…..

The Cabot Trail is one of the world’s most scenic highways. It was completed in 1932, and is considered an engineering marvel, 185 miles of rolling highway, dipping up and down, skimming over the heights of the famous Cape Breton Highlands National Park. But first, as we left Port Hawkesbury, we picked up the Ceilidh (kay-lee) Trail and followed the coastline up to Margaree Harbor, where the road turned into the Cabot Trail.
The Celtic culture is very strong in Cape Breton, where Gaelic is still taught in the schools. A “ceileidh” is a traditional Gaelic social gathering ¬†which usually involves music and dancing. The road takes you through several small towns along the way, and several ceileidhs were advertised at various public buildings for different nights of the week. It would have been interesting to go see one, but there wasn’t one in the area we ended up staying.
We also had downloaded several geocaches located on the island…always fun to grab a new state or province “souvenir”…your first find in a state or province loads a “souvenir tag” in the program. It’s fun to collect new souvenirs.
Our first cache in Cape Breton was here at Mabou Harbour. The black pots in the harbour are black mussel sets….it’s almost like lobster pots, except no traps. There’s ropes hanging down from the buoy, and the mussels attach themselves to the rope. Harvesting is a simple matter of pulling up the rope and extracting the mussels off of it.
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