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After a quiet night at Ingonish Chalets (where we stayed in a pet-friendly cabin), we had a hearty breakfast at the Bean Barn Cafe. I short aside here, I have started using TripAdvisor to help make decisions on lodging, campgrounds, restaurants and attractions. I have found it most helpful. It was an invaluable resource for this trip, and we enjoyed every place we stayed and ate during our stay. Try it, you may find it helpful as well 🙂

Our first destination this morning was a short backtrack to MaryAnn’s Falls. This was another drive-in site, down a much longer, 7 kilometer dirt/gravel road, with a short hike at the end. It was extremely bumpy, we almost felt like we were back in Colorado for a few minutes :-). What a beautiful area, though, well-worth the side trip.

Top of the falls…it looked like the road used to come down further, and over the bridge that I was on taking this picture, but from the looks of the bridge it isn’t safe to drive over it any longer! So the parking area was made about 1/4 mile back, and you walk the rest of the way.
View from the base. A stairway leads to a viewing platform, and then you can clamber down the rocks to the base of the falls.
The water then flows down through this beautiful canyon.
Exploring a trail further down, we found this viewing area above the falls, which is even nicer. It’s good to see where unknown trails lead :-).
Back down the bumpy gravel road, we headed to our hiking destination for the day: Middle Head Peninsula Trail.
Map - Middle Head
 The guide says it is a…