Lower Calf Creek Falls

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After our day of scenic driving, we decided it would be a good idea to get our blood moving and get the dogs out for a walk. Investigating the possibilities in the area for dog-friendly hikes, I found Lower Calf Creek Falls recreation Area, in the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument lands. As with other National Monuments, it is dog-friendly on the hiking trails so long as they are leashed and picked up after. No problems there, I wouldn’t consider letting them loose anyway! The hike is 6 miles round-trip, and rated as “moderately strenuous” due to the sandy soil you would be walking in for several stretches. The objective is to reach one of Utah’s prettiest waterfalls, 126 feet high, as you hike through a gorgeous canyon with mineral-streaked cliff walls, beaver ponds, cottonwood trees and prehistoric rock art sites. Shall we begin?

We arrived at the parking area about 10:00AM, after an hours drive from our campground. There is a small primitive campground here, but not for rigs any larger than 23 feet…or at least that is what the sign suggested! We changed into our boots, loaded up water and lunch into the backpacks, and off we went. Average hiking time was estimated as 2 hours each way, knowing us it will be longer :-).
Its always nice to see the dog-friendly sign! There is also a box with trail guides here, showing the trail as well as 13 interpretive stops along the way.

Most of the trail was completely exposed to the sun, so sunscreen and hats were a necessity.