Lavender Fields and Berry Picking in Sequim

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In many small towns when Saturday rolls around, farmer’s markets set up.  Usually it’s booths filled with what the 
locals grow and what they make.  Fruits and vegetables fill up some stands while the crafts artists make fill up the others.  Some of the markets are small and others are huge.  We were looking forward to the farmer’s market in Sequim …. but we didn’t find anything we absolutely needed.  We were hoping for a bunch of fresh vegetables but there were very few of those.  Oh well …. on to other pastures so to speak.



We started looking for pastures by heading down to the waterfront.  We thought maybe we’d put the kayaks in but with a –2.8 low tide in this area, we knew this was not a good day to do that.  We’d be carrying those kayaks way too far.


We saw lots of U-pick berry and lavender signs and we decided to do just that.  We had both been pickers in our youth.  In fact, I bought my first car picking strawberries and beans.  I couldn’t make much money in the raspberry fields because I ate as many as I picked.

We started off picking raspberries.  I’m thinking they should have weighed some of us on  our way in and on our way out but they didn’t.  We lucked out on that one for sure.