Lake Mead and Howling Winds

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oct284On Saturday we decided to take a ride to Lake Mead.  There were several campgrounds close we wanted to take a look at.  We’ve long been fooled by descriptions of campgrounds online.  I’m sure most have been too.   We also wanted to scope out the lake for our kayaks.  However, we did learn that we can’t just put our kayaks in the lake and take off.  It seems Nevada is now requiring registration and stickers for all watercraft including kayaks.  When we stopped at the Visitor’s Center red about these stickers, they just knew we had to have them but weren’t sure where to get them other than order  online. 
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Lake Mead has several campgrounds.  Some are full hookups and others are just considered campgrounds without hookups.  There is definitely a difference in price.  We visited the two closest to Hoover Dam since they both were right next to each other.
The park at the RV Village with full hookups offered sites varying from $30 per night to $45 per night.  The more expensive sites had great lakefront views but no lake access from this location.  They were developed sites with concrete pads and tables. 
The campground right next door also offered lakefront sites but no hookups.  However, bathhouses with showers, water spigots and a dump were located in the campground making access to facilities easy. Other than the hookups and concrete pads, I thought this park was the nicest looking of the two.  It had more vegetation and really looked like someplace I’d like to stay. The price per night was $10 without a Federal Pass and $5 with one.