Lake Crescent – I’m Going To Take A Break

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Monday morning we were on the road again but just for a drive.  We headed west with our first stop checking out an RV park that we hoped had one and only one site available.  That’s what it had was one spot.  In other words, we checked it and it passed inspection.  With money down to hold our reservation we knew we didn’t need to explore as much as we intended to.  After all, in a few days we’d be moving lock, stock and barrel in this direction.  So, we only went a little way farther.

Everything changes in time and some of this area certainly had.  The Olympic Hot Springs used to a great place to camp and spend the day immersing in the wonderful warm water.  It is no more.  The road no longer takes you to it.  Lake Sutherlin used to be a popular swimming hole.  Now the land around the lake has been bought up and is owned by private residences and in only a small area is it open to the public. 
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Lake Crescent has pretty much remained the same but I’m sure that’s only because it is actually in the Olympic National Park itself.  The lake was formed by a glacier and  is beautiful, cold and deep.  We used to say this lake had no bottom.  That’s because the official depth of 624 feet was given when measured by equipment that could only read a depth to 624 feet.   However, when power cable was laid instruments then measured it at more than 1000 feet deep because that was as deep as that equipment could measure.  The actual maximum depth of Lake Crescent still remains unknown.