How a Puppy Changes Your Full-time RV Lifestyle

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I realized our myopic vision of the last month or so may need some explanation…

So many people live with dogs (of all sizes) in their RVs (also of all sizes). We’ve seen folks unload their tiny Airstreams at campsites with three German shepherds, or their motor coaches with six chihuahuas! We even met a couple who took out their couch to put in two extra large crates for their malamute show dogs. Hard to imagine, but people love their dogs and they make it work. 

Living without a dog is definitely easier in so many ways, and cheaper. But living with a dog somehow makes us more human. Certainly more humane. The care we need to give her often makes us take better care of ourselves too. We can’t take excruciatingly long day trips without stopping to let her out and so we have to stretch our legs too. At home we can’t get too comfy in front of the TV or the computer for too long without going for a walk. The love and attention we give her gets reciprocated. What goes around, comes around. 

We’ve been living with Honey now for almost 2 months and I thought I’d share some experiences of how living with a puppy has effected our lives.