Honeymoon Island State Park

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Honeymoon Island State Park

Bushnell, FL – Events of Thursday, April 2, 2015

When we got up last Thursday, we both found ourselves in the mood to do something other than hang around the rig all day. After a little online research, we decided to take a drive about an hour and a half to the south to check out Honeymoon Island State Park. Honeymoon Island is a small barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico located adjacent to Dunedin, FL, which is just north of Clearwater.

The island, which was previously called Hog Island, was renamed Honeymoon Island in the early 1940s when huts were built for newlyweds and vacationers. The huts fell into disuse when WWII started, and they were eventually torn down. The island was later turned into a state park.

Honeymoon Island State Park has beaches, hiking/biking trails, a nature center and a picnic area with a playground. Admission is $8 per car.

Honeymoon Island is only about 2½ or 3 miles long and about ¼ mile wide. We started off by driving to the far end of the loop road and stopping at the beach located there.

The northwestern corner of the island is subject to much erosion and is currently undergoing beach restoration. Normally, you can walk up the beach to the north from the parking lot at the end of the loop road, but that area was closed because of the restoration. However, the beach adjacent to the parking lot was open.

This part of the beach was pretty stoney. We don’t know if that was due to the dredging for the restoration that was going on or if it is always that way. Nevertheless, there were only a few people there.

Honeymoon Island_03
Somewhat stoney beach at the northern end of the park road

While we were hanging around just enjoying watching the small waves gently rippling on shore, Paul caught a photo of a cormorant sitting on one of the pilings near the restoration work area.

Honeymoon Island SP_0004

We then drove back toward the south and stopped at the main beach. Even though it…