Historical Del Rio, TX…not just BASS fishing y’all

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We have spent the better part of 2 full weeks here in Del Rio, TX. Besides being across the Rio Grande from Acuna MX, Del Rio lies just south of the Amistad National Recreation Area – that includes a BIG , as in 50+ bass fishing competitions per year big, fishing hole.

We hadn’t planned on being here this long, but a family illness/passing provided a very good reason to park ourselves. Once all that family business was tended to, we started to look around. Del Rio is interesting…

The Val Verde Winery was established in 1880, by Italian immigrants, it is the only oldest survivor of 25 original winery’s in Texas, still held and operated by family on a street lined with very old pecan trees and fabulous Italian influenced homes.

And if you drive down Pecan street you actually come to the end of the road and the “FENCE”…. and while much of it isn’t shown here, we were stunned to see this stop short….so does one just swing around the end to immigrate? It is a source of some irritation for Mike – amusement and wonder on mine. “Let’s build a fence – and stop short”.

This gorgeous painting is located within the small chapel  at Whitehead Museum.

Whitehead Museum