Hartville Flea Market

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Hartville Flea Market

Berlin, OH – Events of Thursday, September 5, 2014

Hartville Flea Market_0012

A couple of weeks ago when we met Margery’s college friend for lunch at Hartville Kitchen, we left early so Paul could look around Hartville Hardware beforehand. Hartville Flea Market is located right behind Hartville Hardware, but we didn’t get going early enough in the morning to have time to go to the both the flea market and the hardware, so we decided to go back to Hartville last Thursday to check out the flea market.

There are indoor vendors with mostly new merchandise in a large, brick building.

Hartville Flea Market_0001
Main entrance to Hartville Flea Market

Inside the two-story section of the building at the main entrance is a food court. The vendor shops extend out from both sides of the food court, and there are also shops on the second floor mezzanine above.

Hartville Flea Market_0002
Inside the main entrance with the food court to the left

There are also a couple of rows of vendors out in the parking lot in nice weather. The weather was beautiful the day we went, so there was a fairly good turn out.

Hartville Flea Market_0003
One of two rows of outdoor vendors