Good Eats in Lower Alabama

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Good Eats in Lower Alabama

Summerdale, AL – Events of Thursday, May 29 to Wednesday, June 4, 2014

We’re grateful it waited to start raining until after our arrival at Rainbow Plantation on Wednesday afternoon because once it started, it really rained a lot. It rained hard all Wednesday evening, almost all night, all Thursday morning, and well into Thursday afternoon. We got over 2 inches.

We were dying to go to Panini Pete’s over in Fairhope for lupper, but part of our enjoyment of Panini Pete’s is eating out on the patio. They do have indoor seating, but we decided to save Panini Pete’s for nicer weather and go to LA Barbecue on Thursday instead.

LA BBQ_0006
LA Barbecue

LA Barbecue is located in Summerdale about 15 minutes from Rainbow Plantation. They have chopped pork, brisket and chicken sandwiches that include one side for $6 to $8. They also have lunch plates that include two sides for $7 to $9 and dinners with two sides for $9 to $14.

We both had chopped pork dinner plates with potato salad and slaw for our sides. The pork was tender and moist with a hint of smoke. They have 6 or 8 different types of barbecue sauce. We like the Texas Tangy and the Southern Sweet (lots of molasses flavor).

LA BBQ_0008
Paul with his chopped pork dinner plate

It was somewhat cloudy early Friday morning with an 80% chance of rain. We decided to drive down to Foley to run some errands and swing by Aquila Seafood in Bon Secour on our way back to pick up some fresh shrimp for dinner.

By the time we had finished our errands and were ready to head to Aquila Seafood, it was around 11:30, and the clouds had thickened. By the time we got to Aquila Seafood 10 minutes later, it started to sprinkle rain.

Aguila Seafood_0001
Aquila Seafood

We used to …