Ferguson’s Cafe – Spokane

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We ran across Ferguson’s cafe while visiting Mary Lous Milk Bottle (which is next door). While the milk bottle was really neat and great for ice cream, the lunches we all ordered a bit disappointing. So we decided to try Ferguson’s, a cute little 50’s cafe on our next outing.

Is this something or what?

This is a little cafe that has been here at this location, under different names and ownership since 1941.  It’s been in featured in 3 motion pictures:
“Why would I lie?” starring Treat Williams (1980)
“Vision Quest” starring Matthew Modine (1985)
“Benny & Joon” starring Johnny Depp (1993)

I ordered the Philly Cheese-steak at their recommendation.  It’s so good, I haven’t ordered anything else since, lol.  I highly recommend visiting this place for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just the ambiance, you’ll really love it.

Ferguson’s Cafe
804 W Garland Ave, Spokane, WA 99205

(509) 328-1950