Farewell to Amish Country

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Farewell to Amish Country

Berlin, OH

Our time in Amish Country was very relaxing. During the last few days of our stay, we reflected on on our time there and on how much we love the rural atmosphere. One of our favorite things to do when we’re out running errands is to take the long way and drive the back roads so we can see the well-kept farms. Since the Amish aren’t allowed much in the way of man-made decoration, most of them plant flower gardens near the house to help brighten their lives.

Colorful garden at an Amish farmhouse

Another garden by an Amish barn

The Amish are very hard-working. We see them in their fields as we drive the back roads. They are especially busy during spring planting and also during fall harvest, which was beginning as we prepared to leave Berlin.

Making Hay_0020
Amish farmer harvesting wheat

All that hard work means plenty of laundry. Most Amish homes have a pulley system rigged from the house to the barn or to a tall tree so they can maximize the amount of drying space.

Amish farm with a clothes line running up to the top of the barn

Although the Amish are hard-working, they also know how to have f…