Farewell Maine

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Our time at Mount Desert Narrows ended Monday. We had signed on for the full season, May15 to October 14, and together with one other couple who stayed to the end, we closed down the campground for the season. With Acadia National Park closed since the first, it had gotten pretty quiet in the area. There were still some vacationers around who either couldn’t or wouldn’t change their plans, and we helped them as best we could to come up with alternative ways to enjoy the beauty of the area.

It was an odd season for us. We truly enjoyed the area. It was much busier than the area we were in last year, but that is to be expected being so close to a National Park in the east. The food was downright diet-busting and that’s all we’ll say about that! Hiking and biking opportunities are everywhere, and we did as much as we reasonably could taking into account Chelsea’s capabilities. The weather…well it wasn’t that great. Like most of the east coast this summer, we had a lot of wet weather. A direct result of this was mosquitos that could carry away small children…seriously! Once again, we worked with a great bunch of people, and had many enjoyable moments. Let’s get to some pictures!
Our first hike, and done many times over the summer at Ship Harbor
I stopped counting how many lobsters met their demise at Al’s hands
Gorham Mountain was our first, but not last, hike that was more of a rock “scramble” than a hike. I do declare that I found hiking in Acadia more difficult, apart from altitude, than in Colorado.
FDR’s summer cottage on Campobello Island was our first stop in Canada this summer.