Fall Foliage Time

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A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.

 foliage1It is the season and many are thinking about heading to areas to enjoy the fall foliage.  There are places all over the US to enjoy the gorgeous color of nature.  Finding the perfect time to be in the right destination is easy.  The internet has it all mapped out for us.  This particular website is by the weather channel.  Just select the area you want to visit to enjoy fall color and the map will give you an indication of when to expect their peak time.     

Then, if you’re looking for more detailed reports, you can find it on the Foliage Network.  As the season gets closer, detailed updates are added every few days apart.  You can tell if it’s too early, too late or if your planning has been perfect.  This site also keeps previous year’s reports so you can when the perfect time was last year.  However, weather and moisture play a big part in determining when the leaves will change in 2012.
There are lots of places to find foliage maps on the internet.  Another really good one is the Yankee Foliage Network
In addition to the maps showing when and where peak season is, there foliage3are also recommended drives with some of the best colors in each of the states.
Every site you pull up and probably everyone you talk to will probably tell you of some of the best places to view the leaves.  Many RVers lived in the Northeast.  I’m sure they have their favorites.  It’s probably not a place they would necessarily make a special trip to view the leaves since they lived there.  However, many of us would.  This is one thing that many have on their bucket lists.
You also might have guessed it … there is also a free foliage app for your iPhone and other devices.  You can download it here.