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_Jan25_10There are a lot of things close to Quartzsite we hadn’t checked out yet this year.  One of them was the Quartzsite Yacht Club.  It has no marina and is in the middle of the desert but it’s still a yacht club.  They even offer a membership.   What do you get for joining this yacht club?  Well, we have heard that other yacht clubs around the nation reciprocate by allowing you to use their facilities.  If that’s true you could save a bundle by joining one in the middle of the desert without any water around    We didn’t join but we did go for their Thursday night karaoke.  One of our friends, Ed, is an amazing vocalist. so we went to cheer him on.  He did an fantastic job just as we knew he would! 
There were a few other places I wanted to check out. I had to head west towards Blythe to check the first one out.  We were looking for a place to put our kayaks in the Colorado River.  Just across the Arizona / California state line I found a perfect spot.  It’s at the Quechan Marina.  Our plan is to give it a try Sunday afternoon.  The forecast is for a beautiful day so we’re hoping the weather man is right on.

I figured as long as I was already in California, I might as well keep going.  Next stop was the BLM camping site I had heard about right on the Colorado River just a tad south of Palo Verde.  I headed in that direction.  According to the map it was only an additional 20 miles.
If I was at the right spot,  it really isn’t BLM land.  It’s the Palo Verde County Park.  One Class C _Jan25_7