Everything Rubbermaid and Ashery Country Store

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Everything Rubbermaid and Ashery Country Store

Berlin, OH – Events of Wednesday, August 14 and Thursday, August 15, 2014

Rubbermaid, the well known housewares manufacturer, was founded in 1920 in Wooster, OH as the Wooster Rubber Co. Wooster Rubber originally made toy balloons. In 1933, the founder received a patent for a red rubber dustpan, and the Rubbermaid line of household products was born. Wooster Rubber changed its name to Rubbermaid in 1957.

Although no longer headquartered in Wooster, Rubbermaid maintains an outlet store there called Everything Rubbermaid. The store sells just about every consumer product Rubbermaid makes, including some that are discontinued or are very hard to find elsewhere. The store also sells some products from their commercial line.

Wooster is only about half an hour from Berlin, so when staying in Berlin we frequently end up at Everything Rubbermaid looking for some storage container or other. We headed to Everything Rubbermaid last Wednesday to get a new dishpan, a couple of food storage containers and a bin to help organize the large storage space over the washer/dryer in the back of the motor home.

Everything Rubbermaid is located in downtown Wooster in a 4-story building that used to be a department store.

Everything Rubbermaid

The first floor has mostly commercial products. We bypassed those and headed to the housewares on the second floor where Margery picked out some food storage containers.

Margery picking out food storage containers

Rubbermaid used to own Little Tikes, which is a company that makes large, molded plastic toys like sandboxes, play houses and slides. Rubbermaid sold Little Tikes in 2006, so Everything Rubbermaid now has a partnership with Step2, which makes toys similar to Little Tikes. On our previous stops, we always bypassed the third floor where the Step2 items are displayed; but now that we have a granddaughter, we stopped to look at some Step2 toys.